Ashnikko - Slumber Party (ft. Princess Nokia) [Official Music Video]

Slumber Party (ft. @Princess Nokia ) by Ashnikko was released on January 15th 2021 as a part of DEMIDEVIL by Parlophone Records.

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Produced by Callmethekidd

Director: Charlotte Rutherford @charlie__chops
Producer: Jonas Berry, Emmy Gyori @jonasmakai @madiganemmy
Production Company: @rubbertape
Line Producer: Alexandra Kern @alexandrakern
1st AD: Ashley Tsai @ashley.tsai

DP: Madeline Kate Kann @madeline.kate.kann
1st AC: Adam Marquez @amarqz
2nd AC: Melissa Kirchhoff @melissalynne_
Steadicam: Quaid Cde Baca @quaidcdebaca
Camera PA: Autumn Palen @autumn.palen
Gaffer: Heath Gresham @prettyboyelectric
BBE: Colin Silver
Electric: Cassie Chang @chassiechang
Key Grip: Richard Robles
BBG: Jesus Yanez
Grip Driver: Nick Binnette

Pickup Shoot First AC: Octavio Estrada
Pickup Shoot Gaffer: Matt Foundoulis @mattfoundou
Pickup Shoot Key Grip: Taylor Reick

VFX: Alex

Colorist: Dan Levy

Production Designer: Jesse Hallen @j.f.hallen
Leadman: Sandy Olson @sandyzip
Set Dresser: Karim Dakkon @karimdakkon
Art Director: Nick Kerr
Art Driver: Jack Levis

Choreographer/Casting: Easton Payne @eastonblake

Stylist: Zoe Bleu @____zoe_bleu_arquette____
Styling Asst: Mango @MangoHelll
Wardrobe Asst: Alex Hansen

Ashnikko Makeup: Zaheer Sukhnandan @zaheersyn
Ashnikko Hair: Fitch Lunar @fitchlunarhair
Princess Nokia Makeup: Scott Osborne @ thescottedit
Princess Nokia Hair: Candice Smith @ hairbycandicesmith

Nails: Krista Jones @krista_la_creme
Dancers Hair: Melissa Dominguez
SFX Makeup: Allison McGillicuddy @allydoesmakeup
SFX Makeup Asst: Sasha Glasser, Malina Stearns, Edwin Monzon
Pickup Shoot Nails: Sarah Chue

Princess Nokia Creative Director: Robot MoonJuice @robotmoonjuice

Nahla: @ItsNahlaDahling
Robbie: @ItsRobbiesWorld_
Jas: @AllThatJasss
Iz: IzVerdea
Harmony: @Hlt.Fantasy
Raven: @Ravenvalentinee
Jane: @JanesWorldMusic
Lucy: @LucyLoone
Lexee Smith: @lexeesmith

PC: Zara Kaye @zara_kaye
CCO: Laura Leal
PA: Mckay Steigerwald, Josh Crowe

BTS: María Alvarez, Ethan Newmyer @shotbymaria @ethan.newmyer


I’m not shy, I’ll say it
I’ve been picturing you naked
I’m a little faded
You look like a fucking painting
Big doe eyes, amazing
She’s everything I’ve been praying
My heart palpitations
She looks like the type to break it

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii hentai boobies that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

It’s getting hot in here
I’m the nelly in the party with some
Rocks for ears
I’m a slave for you baby, Miss Britney Spears
I’m a clover, she a toros
Bring it on for cheers
And I’m sexy like Christina when I dip it low
Not a H-Town girl but i rodeo
Yippee ki yay welcome to the show
It’s an all-girl party, clothing optional

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii hentai boobies that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

My girl look like Wednesday Addams
Eyes go black when she orgasms
Hide your back, she likes to stab them
My butt cheeks, she likes to grab
Matching pyjama, birthday suits
Her spit tastes just like juicy fruit
She do that thing she usually do
Spell my name with her tongue like

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii, hentai boobies, that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

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  • I like the song tho

    Toca bunny fanToca bunny fanVor 38 Minuten
  • Idk many people is waiting for this moment

    RachelbtsloverRachelbtsloverVor Stunde
  • she kinda looks like Xiangling from Genshin impact

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  • Hello I was sick. Until I heard your song and fell so well kinda tysm Me: me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house Big bro: like the background Little bro: :0

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  • Historians be like: BESTIE VIBES ONLYYY

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  • This song is like Astronaut in the Ocean. It is so fucking annoying but insanely catchy at the same time. I hate and love it simultaneously, how does that even work

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  • *not me pretending me and my best friend are in this*

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  • Future historians: and they were roommates

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  • Dios mío! Cómo te amo ashnikko! Si fuera mujer seria lesbiana después de escuchar tus canciones

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  • So nice! Finally, a music video I can show my church group.

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  • Historians: The girls were having a very normal slumbert party, as the friends they were, no sus activities or words were mencioned

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    • Historians: No lesbian activates were included, they were just best friends.

      Totally CheckersTotally CheckersVor 9 Stunden
  • Ashnikko has the body I want

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  • Ashniko: Kawaii Also Ashniko:like Wednesday addams

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  • I wonder what it'll be when _you're_ 55 and hear a song and think "Goddamn it! Why didn't have this kind of music when I was younger?" :) Well, thanks. Better late than never. :)

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  • The black woman in the back at the beginning.. i can't take my eyes from her

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  • Me being a straight woman vibing to this

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  • This is a picture perfect example of a sexxxxxyyyy video made by women for women who love women.

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    • @Eliann Cartagena but she is attractive tho?!

      Elmer HernandezElmer HernandezVor 3 Stunden
    • She's not "attractive enough". That's unfortunately a big factor in whether or not artists make it big in the current meta. Actually, it tends to be worth more than their musical talent.

      Eliann CartagenaEliann CartagenaVor 3 Stunden
    • And her music videos always sooooo dope

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    • @س omg!best song ever

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    ~{ •°Hin@t@_Ch@n°•}~~{ •°Hin@t@_Ch@n°•}~Vor Tag
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    • Vibrant and gay :))

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    • ME

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